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Oliver Carman

Writing character-driven dark fantasy

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Available now

Out of Shadows

A killer haunted by blood and death, plagued by a lifetime of bad decisions; Brennan Redhands is a failure.

When his daughter Gwenna is abducted Brennan will stop at nothing to save her, and must again carve a bloody path across the brutal land he once fled. 


But a secret festering in the recesses of Brennan’s mind is tearing him apart and a magic has awoken in Gwenna that threatens the whole world. With old feuds that refuse to die, an ancient sword that has a will of its own, and an insane boy warlord hell-bent on the apocalypse; it seems all are determined to get in Brennan’s way. 

Yet the most terrifying enemy of all is the voice in his head - if he can’t put that down - the world will fall to darkness.


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(Out of Shadows)... is visual. I love that… All main characters are unique and fully fleshed out with compelling, layered motivations and traits..'

Judge - Writers Digest Self-Published E-book Awards 2023

'It kept me up late each night…. There is an excellent mix of action, world-building, well-written battles, character development, and urgency in the story that kept me rapt.'

Adam at FantasyBookCritic and judge for Self Published Fantasy Blog Off 2023)

Praise for Out of Shadows


About Oliver Carman

Oli Carman is a writer of dark fantasy. His debut novel Out of Shadows is a gritty character-driven tale and is available now.


Oli is also an award winning composer and sound designer, and currently lecturer in music technology at University of Liverpool.

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